Thursday, November 15, 2018

13th November–home to the Park Taverners

Always a pleasure to meet up with the Park Taverners, friends over many years.

Once again the Lemmings were playing at home and were hoping for a change in their fortunes not having won a game this season.

We very much liked the Specialist questions which showed a lot of imagination, including one round with each answer beginning with the letter O (although the Lemmings shamefully failed to get One Flew Over the Cuckopos Nest – as did the visitors!). Image result for one flew over the cuckoo's nest movieNevertheless the Lemmings continued with their previous form and at the end of the Specialist were trailing with 47 to the visitors’ 65 – a deficit of 18!!

The General Knowledge questions were also very good - and somehow stirred the Lemmings into action as they finished with 102 to the visitors’ 81 scraping home by 3 with 149 to146. It must be said this was due in no small part to Tomo’s remarkable 45 and a solid performance by Bob with 36.

Individual scores were Bob 12/24, Becky 0/9, Nick 3/18 and Tomo 18/27 conferred points 10/16 with pass-overs 4/8. The park collected 6/2 pass-overs.

A most enjoyable evening so many thanks to the Park Taverners, to question master Phil and to Brian and Stephen for a splendid selection of sandwiches to round off the evening.

The Lemmings are question masters (among others) for the next two weeks and will next play on 4th December.


IJ said...

Good to meet you at the Waters after our respective Week 5 games on Tuesday! I do enjoy reading your post-game blog each week even though I haven’t posted a comment this season up ‘til now.

My team enjoyed a great start to the season results-wise, but of late haven’t been quite so successful with back-to-back defeats by the Dolphin and Oxfford. The former was a close game which I felt we were a little unlucky to lose and didn’t get the rub of the green question-wise. I was of course interested to see how others fared, and indeed it appears that the GK somewhat favoured the team going second first.

This week we encountered an Oxfford side in top form, with Mark in particular achieving a superb score, and were well beaten.

I do however wish to put forward my first ‘Armadillo’ nomination of the season for GK Q63 (which went to our opponents): “In the Premier League, Luis Suarez scored 12 times in 4 matches, including 3 hat–tricks, against which team?” I’d understand if it was last season, but... really?

DaveP said...

The Acedemicals' sports correspondent knew the answer to the Suarez question. How or why, I do not know

I wasn't sure about the most widely eaten fruit in the world. I've seen one source suggesting tomato and another, possibly less plausibly nominating the mango

They were two good sets of questions - Thanks to setters and vetters

IJ said...

Questions like that fruit one are always tricky. I was on the receiving end of that particular question, and my first instinct was “banana” – but I wasn’t confident enough and ended up conferring (team went for it and got the point).

I recall there was a question last year about cheese (I think it was in a cup match) that was still more dubious, bafflingly coming up with ‘Gouda’ as the world’s biggest-selling cheese.

I agree with DaveP that on the whole the questions were good, there was just the odd one here and there which stood out in a bad way and dragged the score down. The Suarez one being one of course. At the other extreme was GK Q5 about a ‘rodent-like piece of computer hardware’. Easy questions are one thing, but when it’s difficult to conceive of any adult human possibly getting it wrong it should maybe be rethought?

MW said...

I'd agree with all the above comments. I reckon even Luis Suarez wouldn't have known the answer to the Suarez question...

The "most eaten fruit" one was certainly tricky too. How you'd ever prove that is something I'm glad I didn't have to prove in my previous life! That said, two people got a "3" for that question – take a bow Keith Pointon from the Waters Green Rams and Paul Prior from the Nags Head!

Lots of good scores this week depending where you were sat and I can't complain at all, I had some very good questions that suited me very well, so long may that carry on!

I've processed the results which are en route to Haydn for publication. Both sets of questions got good entertainment marks - better from the B and C Leagues than from the A League, which is quite unusual. We'll see what Haydn's spreadsheet makes of it all...

MW said...

I also meant to include above that no one got a "3" for the Suarez question!

Jon Thompson said...

Where are the results? I'm dying to see my name in lights :)

Unknown said...

To be fair I thought the Suarez question was an interesting one and was something I was well aware of, and I'm no fan of LFC or the hungry Uruguayan. To my mind it was more obscure to ask a couple of weeks back who carried the Olympic flag in a 2016 ceremony.

It's a nice change to hear different questions so I'm all for it.

Wasn't so impressed with the mouse question though!