Thursday, November 01, 2018

30th October–First Round of the Knockouts

For this first round of the knockout competitions the Lemmings were playing at home against the Sutton Club, a team that has spent many years playing in the League; not only were they met with a blazing fire and a fine selection of ales, but there was a very special welcome as playing for them was Wendy, formerly a stalwart of the Lemmings and who is still sadly missed.

The questions had been set by the Nags Head and British Flag and covered a wide variety of subjects. In the first round (20 questions ) the Lemmings held a slender lead with 13 to 10 – quite a comfort after the serious beatings they had suffered so far!

Round 2 however the visitors came bouncing back finishing with 11 points to the Lemmings’ 7 – they had stolen the lead.

Bloodied but unbowed the Lemmings stormed into the third round with 21 to the visitors’ 12 a satisfying lead of 8.Image result for bloodied but unbowed

The Sutton Cub then rallied to take round 4 with 14 to the Lemmings’ 13 – catching up!

In the fifth round they were even better with 12 to the Lemmings’ 7 – a lot now hung on the final round as the visitors were just 2 points behind with 59.

Could the Lemmings cling on for their first win of the season? No!!! – They were consistent with earlier games scoring only 8 to the Sutton Club’s 13 losing the game with 69 to the visitors’ 72.

No complaints, the questions were fine, it was a very friendly atmosphere with lots of jokes and banter and Alastair the question master did an excellent job. Maybe the Lemmings should mug up on horse racing!

A tasty selection of sandwiches and lots of hugs and kisses for Wendy rounded off a very pleasant evening

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Wendy Brown said...

It was really good to catch up with you guys too. The last round could easily have gone either way, so I hope our whoops of joy were suitably restrained. The conga that followed, however, was a trifle excessive I admit(!) X.