Wednesday, October 24, 2018

23rd October–Away to the Harrington Academicals

The Lemmings got off to a messy start when five people turned up expecting to play, and once Image result for lonely walk homeagain Sunil wended his weary way home alone. The Academicals already have three in the top ten scorers and surprisingly the Lemmings having lost every game so far have two, Bob and Tomo. Should be a close game.

Seems ages since the Lemmings last played at the Harrington with fondImage result for harrington arms gawsworth memories of the late Mrs Bailey the former landlady who ruled the pub with a rod of iron and and an even stronger sharp tongue. Tomo has more poignant memories as when he asked the questions there last season Adum from our sister team fell and broke his foot struggling on with the game in agony!!

We thought the questions were very good and imaginative, with a very different round on isles and islands of the UK and a picture round on bald-headed men (with verbal descriptions for the visually impaired!!). Even so at the end of the Specialist the Lemmings were trailing with 45 to the home team’s 64 – but they’ve made up such a deficit several times in the past.

In the General Knowledge each of the Lemmings scored better but it was not enough and they lost by 107 to 75 making the final score 171 to 120.

So, nothing if not consistent,  the Lemmings went down with another huge deficit and seem to be a reflection of the town’s football team who lost 5-0 to Northampton on the night (although they have had one win!!!).

So, looking forward to the Cup/Plate competition next week when we play the Sutton Club and perhaps a change of fortunes.

Individual scores were Bob 15/18,  Becky3/12, Nick 6/6. Tomo 9/18, Conferred 6/15, pass-overs 2/6 and the Academicals picked up 9/8

The meeting was rounded off with a selection of tasty sandwiches from the current landlord – many thanks to the landlord, to the Academicals and to the question master from the Plough Horntails.

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MW said...

Another good night on Tuesday. At our game (the Ox-fford Derby) we had a couple of last-minute Question Master changes due to illness (get well soon to all concerned) and all credit to Bill who stepped in at the last minute to QM and score never having seen it done before! The picture round straight away was a baptism of fire, but Bill coped admirably!
Some of the questions were easy, some very tricky, but it was ever thus. We had a very nip and tuck game finishing in that closest of results - a draw!