Thursday, October 18, 2018

16th October Home to the Rushton Diamonds

Image may contain: people sitting, drink, table and indoorIt was a pleasure to meet these old rivals again and they received a warm welcome to the Tavern. A glowing fire had been lit, there was the usual excellent choice of real ales and no distractions from other games or competitions – a perfect setting for an evening of gentle banter and quizzing.

The Lemmings were in buoyant mood as after the sound thrashing last week things could only get better.They had suffered heavily losing by 28 points and were confident they would never see such a deficit again.

However they got off to a very slow start, Sunil leading the field with 9 Bob and Tomo separating him from Nick’s 0!! And at the end of the Specialist rounds the Lemmings were trailing with 33 to the Diamonds’ 66, already a greater difference than last week’s entire game!!Image result for cartoon is this a record 

The Lemmings do not usually like to complain about the questions and in fact the questions themselves were OK. But the Lemmings did feel strongly that there was much imbalance on the evening – had they started with second in the Specialist they felt sure they would have achieved a much better result, a feeling that is supported with a glance at the scores below. But, to be fair, when we questioned other teams they had not noticed any imbalance.

The Lemmings did however have one stroke of luck when Sunil was asked to say what is the Prdsall Chord which he had recently visited with Nick on a historical walk about the birth of the railways.SONY DSC

Whilst the Lemmings fared better in the General Knowledge rounds they still lost by 71 to 97 and the inevitable question is raised – is this a record?

Despite the deflating run of play, it was still a very pleasant evening with a lot of friendly banter, good humour and a joke from Bob that may have been heard before.

Individual scores were Bob 6/21 Sunil 9/12 Nick 0/15 Tomo 3/21 Conferred 13/10 with 2/2 pass-overs – the Diamonds collected 9/11 pass-overs.

All the questions and results are (or soon will be) available here 

The evening was rounded off with a very tasty selection of sandwiches along with a large bowl of Brian’s real twice-cooked chips – many thanks Brian, the Diamonds and the question master.

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Brian Bogie said...

Great to catch up with The lemmings again - it s been too long.

Nick is being harsh: I hadn’t heard Bob’s joke before