Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Battering On Pancake Day


February 21st – Shrove Tuesday and Pancake Day. The day of confession before lent begins, and an opportunity to use up eggs that were traditionally given up for Lent. Or on a more secular note it is known as mardi gras (Fat Tuesday) a time for dancing and merriment. On this day, the Phoenix travelled to Bollington for the return match against the Church House, a busy pub serving excellent food and on the night serving excellently kept York Brewery’s Guzzler beer – a light and tasty golden brew.

The Phoenix have suffered some defeats recently and were bent on redressing the balance. The questions were interesting even having a round on old radio programmes – something of a first surely as was the round on philosophers.

Notwithstanding the interest however, the Phoenix were trailing at the half-way mark with 50 points to the home team’s 52 – but we’ve usually done well with the General Knowledge so were not unduly bothered.

But it was not to be – the questions were varied and balanced but the Church House won the round with 78 to 71 with a final score of 130 to 121.

It was a very friendly game against old adversaries the only sour note being when Nick blamed Doris Day for getting an answer wrong – she hadn’t said whether the Black Hills were in North or South Dakota!

Individual scores were Bob 9/12, Wendy 6/21, Nick 6/12 and Tomo 12/9 with 13/10 conferred points and 4/10 passovers. The Church House picked up 3/12 passovers.

John from the Albion was a good-humoured question master and the evening was rounded off with a selection of sandwiches.

Sadly it was a battering for the Phoenix on pancake day!!

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