Thursday, February 09, 2012



With apologies to Billy Fury for mutilating the title of his song.

After playing the Albion only last week we were facing them again this week on their own ground – and it must be said that the Albion has changed considerably since our last visit – it is now much friendlier and the one (Robinson’s) ale on tap was in very good condition. After an initial confusion with the seating arrangements the team settled down to their usual jocular selves. But we knew that after last week’s very close result they would be out to win – and to make matters worse Rosie was missing.

The Phoenix got off to a very shaky start and at the end of the Specialist questions were trailing by 10 points with 33 to 43 although the questions were fine; they fared rather better with the General Knowledge but the questions cannot be allowed to go without comment. The lack of E-mail for one of the teams seems to have caused problems with the vetting as there are at least two wrong answers in the GK (both indicated on the questions blog). Whatever did we do before E-mails?

Rosie made a late appearance that perhaps helped the Phoenix claw back some of the lead finishing the GK with 75 to the Albion’s 70. Final score 113 to 108 to the Albion knocking the Phoenix off their shared top spot. Individual scores were Bob 3/15, Wendy 6/12, Nick 3/9 and Tomo 3/12 with 11/14 conferred and 7/13 passovers; the Albion picking up 7/9 passovers.

It was an enjoyable game and the better team won – well done the Albion. Nicely rounded off with a selection of sandwiches – thank you the Albion.

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Nick said...

Since I posted the above I've been reminded that q45 asked for the Secret Seven's dog's name - the Albion correctly answered Scamper but the printed answer was Scamp and was passed over to the Phoenix who got the point. Didn't affect the score but ...