Friday, February 14, 2014

11th Feb Away to The Ox-Fford


Nick was again out of town and his place was taken by Tony – Bob has been kind enough to send in the following report:

“ We played the Ox-fford, including Mark and got off to a very slow start - after round two it looked like we were in for a thrashing almost equal to Arsenal at Liverpool, but the ship steadied and we were only four points behind at the end of the specialists! Although Wendy's figures showed that at one stage we got within a point of them, we couldn't keep it up and they ran out winners by 146 to 123.  Another demonstration of us knowing a lot of the questions that they knew but it was like an Arab celebration - no Passovers! There was a "who am I" round which everybody seemed to enjoy, and I found my questions not too bad, but Tommo and Tony in particular, were not having much luck with their questions. The company was great, though we did have one complaint. They were selling Marstons' bitter for £2 a pint which we thought was a deliberate ploy on the part of the Ox-Fford team to lull us into a false sense of security. There was a large slice of humour to the match and we couldn't help but dwell for a moment on the fact that as soon as the floods hit the Thames Valley, including Windsor, Marlow, Eaton and other bastions of Tory heartland, the first thing the Prime Minister shouts is "Money's No Object". I wonder if he'd have said that if it was Sunderland? The whole quiz was excellently and entertainingly refereed by the Knot Know-All's, and rounded off with good butties! Thanks to the Ox-fford for hosting such a good evening.

Match stats:

Final score: Ox-fford 146.

Waters Green Lemmings 123.

Specialists: Ox-fford 57; WGL 53

GK:              ox-fford 89; WGL 70

Conferred: Ox-fford 33; WGL 17

Passed Over: Ox-fford 23.  WGL 7

Bob: 33

Wendy: 33

Tony: 12

Tommo: 21”

The questions have been unavoidably detained (stolen laptop) but are now available in a rather different format.

Thanks all

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