Thursday, February 27, 2014

25th February–Away to the Weavers


Again I am indebted to Bob for supplying details as I was again out of town - Nick

Tuesday we played at the newly refurbished Weavers in the newly foreshortened Thornton Square, no longer a vast, pitch-black, ankle-breaker car park, but a bright parking lot with some new-build adjacent. The pub itself has been changed just sufficiently to make it more homely, which was just what it needed. A bright, cosy atmosphere and a good selection of ales.  Perhaps this lulled the WGL into a false sense of security as it went steadily downhill from there...  The questions were OK - not an armadillo in sight, and the

Chester Road Tavern provided two great 'free' specialist rounds - "A colourful life" and "Trigger Points" - a good little tribute round to the great Roger Lloyd-Pack.

In Nick's absence, WGL were joined by Dave Jones who scored a creditable 18 points for us. The home team were welcoming, as were the butties, and Caroline, the QM hosted the quiz really well. But all this didn't stop the Lemmings going further and further behind until we were somewhat bemused that an enjoyable quiz had drifted into a thumping win by the Weavers of 196 points to 115.   A good quiz, we thought, but for us on the night a bad toss to lose.

We have decided not to mention that it was the opposition wot got the question "What great American Folk Singer died recently?" Yes, we know it was Pete Seeger, but what group did he play in for many years..... The Weavers!

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