Wednesday, March 01, 2017

28th February - Question Setters/Masters


This week the Lemmings had set both sets of questions and were question masters – we’d like to thank all teams for their support and messages of sympathy.

There was a bit of a mix-up with the questions for which I apologise.

Hope to see a good quiz turnout on Monday


DaveP said...

The Academicals played the Flag in a must lose match for those who wished to preserve their B league status. We were all too aware of the absence of Matt, and we were reminded of him by the last 3 rounds of the specialists, which were clearly identifiable as his handiwork.

Our match was dead level as the last question was asked, and Helen nailed Lily the Pink to secure the 3 point win for the Flag

Many thanks to the QM from the Royal Oak, who handled what could have been a difficult evening with sensitivity and good humour

Going through the questions afterwards, I would have been very happy to sit in P2 or P4 going first first. P3 both ways seemed to be seats to avoid. It will be interesting to see if results correlate with my analysis, which of course is highly subjective

Anonymous said...

I agree - seats numbered 3 were ones to avoid.

MW said...
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MW said...

10 of the 12 games this week were won by “first first” teams from a quick look at the score sheets, although a lot of the games were reasonably close score-wise.

There were some very good totals scored by several teams and whilst the highest individual score of the week was Alice Walker's 48 (no surprises there on current form…), there were numerous 45s, 42s and 39s spread around.

Colleagues above are pretty accurate with their "P3" observations - Seat 3 going "first first" had the worst individual score in 9 of the 12 games, usually by some distance. The main exception was Andrew Wright from the Nags Head who defied the odds and scored 42, easily the best score in that seat all night.

Marks for the questions look OK overall too, I'll try and get the scores sorted as soon as I can.

One final comment – I didn’t play on Tuesday but I wish I had, if only to have had a go at the questions in the last three Specialist rounds which were Matt’s handiwork. They are excellent.