Friday, March 17, 2017

March 14th Home tothe Park Taverners


Image result for spring dawnThe lengthening days and shadows herald the dawn of spring but also the twilight of winter – and the season for the Macclesfield Pub Quiz League. Just two more games - tonight’s against oldImage result for winter twilight friends the Park Taverners.

Wendy was playing again and as Bob had family responsibilities Sunil stepped in as reserve; the questions did not match with the Lemmings’ strengths and in fact it was a very slow scoring game, the first round for instance (both teams) scored only 1 conferred, 2 pass-overs with just one 3 – Tomo as usual on form struggling to keep the Lemmings’ head above water.

At the end of the Specialist the visitors had built up a substantial lead with 58 to the Lemmings’ 36 – not a good start but at least consistent as the General Knowledge again saw the the visitors increase their lead with 87 to 71  - a sound thrashing with 145 to 107. No complaints, the questions were fair, balanced and the visitors worthy winners – well done. Not planned but if our defeat allows the Park Taverners to remain in the B League next season we will be very happy.

Individual scores were Sunil 0/12. Wendy 9/12, Nick 3/9 and Tomo 18/18; conferred 4/11, pass-overs 2/9 and the visitors collected 8/6 passovers.

Brian provided an excellent cheeseboard to round off the evening – many thanks also to the question master and to the visitors for a most enjoyable evening.

As a bonus for the question harvesters I will shortly publish the questions from the East Cheshire Hospice quiz last Friday – it was very well attended (except by one team who fielded only three of the eight allowed, two of whom came late!!! But still came 9th – again thanks to Tomo’s sterling efforts all alone), excellent fun and over £1600 raised – next quiz July 14th

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Anonymous said...

Not bad questions, seemed a bit harder going first in the Specialist though and a bit too "Trumpy" in the GK, we've had enough mentions of him to last a lifetime.