Friday, March 24, 2017

The Final Countdown – and a new Record


“This is the sorrowful story Told as the twilight fails

And the monkeys walk together Holding their neighbours’ tails”

The final game of the season and the Lemmings were facing their sister team the Waters Green Image result for fluRams who were already guaranteed promotion. With Bob struck down by flu the Lemmings were unlikely to strike out and defeat the Rams but time would tell.

The questions had been set by the Weaver and we thought they were very good, well balanced and most were answered (even if it was by just one of the teams!). There was laughter, banter and generally good humour throughout the game that was a most enjoyable evening.

Sunil covered for Bob and once again scored more than his dad, individual scores being Sunil 9/12, Wendy 6/15, Nick 6/6 and Tomo 12/9 with conferred points 13/8 and pass-overs 0/8; the Rams collected 7/21 pass-overs. Perhaps all that can be said is that it’s a pity we weren’t playing pontoon as all scores except Nick’s were 21!!! Maybe we should start a new League.

But to put all this into perspective at the end of the Specialist the Lemmings were lagging with 46 to 63 and the General Knowledge score of 58 to 116 did nothing to recover the deficit. Final score the Rams won with 179 to 104 – a difference of 75 points that we think is the heaviest defeat ever inflicted on the Lemmings in their various guises since the Rising Sun days.

Image result for curry chickenBrian and Stephen then provided an excellent chicken curry with naan and rice that was very good indeed – a sort of celebratory feast for the Rams and a consolation for the Lemmings – thank you Brian and Stephen, to the Rams for an enjoyable evening and to the question master who showed fairness and quiet humour.


Anonymous said...

Thank you,nick, as always, for your excellent work via the blog all season

Liz H

MW said...

I would fully second Liz's comments as above.

I didn’t play on Tuesday but there were some interesting scores. Nick's team did suffer the heaviest defeat of the night, but they were by no means alone. 60 was the next biggest winning margin, closely followed by a 58 point one, plus other clear wins. In contrast there was a game where one side won by only 2 points.

Looking at the results as a whole, going second in the Specialist looked a good place to be, whereas going second in the GK seemed to benefit a lot of teams too. Obviously you can't do both, so there was a balance of sorts in there. The questions certainly got reasonable marks on the night and we'll see what the final "Cars and Vans 4U" spreadsheet comes up with in terms of winners.

DaveP said...

Hi Nick

Many thanks for a great job in another difficult year.

The Academicals enjoyed the end to the season with our status in the B league secure and the questions falling our way, particularly the lucky incumbent of P1. It seemed that P3 had the hardest time of it, but overall we thought it a very good set from the Weaver, with the freestyle rounds in the specialist going down particularly well.

Thanks again to all who make it possible